Friday, August 03, 2007

Favorite Kiev Pictures

So I am in Moscow and it is a very rainy day. This weekend the whole program is off to St. Petersburg, which should be fun if the weather improves a bit (even if I'll be spending two of the next three night on the train). Anyway now is sort of a time of reflection and with a bit of an Internet connection I wanted to post my favorite pictures from Kiev. What was really great when I was in Kiev was that I got to meet a lot of young Ukrainians. In Kiev I lived in a working class neighborhood in an apartment with Ukrainians more or less my age. For Ukrainians, Kiev is the land of opportunity (better jobs, but also cleaner air than in the east and less corruption). I lived in a working-class neighborhood with some Ukrainians more or less my age. Really nice people, but not simple lives. It was interesting to meet people pretty much my age who already had families and who had more to look forward to in an evening drink than the future.

Anyway, here are my favorite pictures from Kiev: