Monday, August 21, 2006

One of My Favorite Words

Ohrwurm, masculine noun, German

If you were to look up 'Ohrwurm' in a German-English dictionary it would probably give you the most boring translation. In short, it would lie to you and tell you that 'Ohrwurm' means jingle. That definition does not encapsulate one tenth of wonder that is 'Ohrwurm." Literally, 'Ohrwurm,' means 'ear worm' and its musical connotation is less of a 'oh wow that is really catchy! What a great ear worm. I'm going to go buy the cleaner fluid that was in the commercial!' and much more of an 'Aaaaaaah! That song has burrowed its way into my brain and won't leave! It burns it burns! Out damn spot out!" Truly, only 'Ohrwurm' captures that true violation of having an unwanted song in your head. So next time some pop song you are to embarrassed to say your heard weasels its way into your head, don't think oh it as a song stuck in your head, but a as a worm burrowing into your brain. The more you know!

Isn't Ashlle Simpson looking great these days?


ruth said...

have you every heard мы желаем счастья вам? it is a ohrwurm if i ever heard one. i'll sing it to you tomorrow.

Barbarossa said...

I haven't, but sooo many Russian songs would count. The Russian version of 'Ohrwurm' let me down, навязчивая мелодия ? Obsessive melody, I mean come on!