Monday, February 04, 2008

Lost My Voice

Thanks to a sore throat followed by lots of yelling Friday (I'm sorry it was a bar and when I can't hear myself I start talking louder without even realizing it) I have all but lost my voice. Oh sure, I can still talk, but only for short bursts and in a rather muppet like fashion. Seriously though, when I hear myself talking I wonder when I have been smoking those four packs a day all of these years.

This has been going on three days now and it is quite frustrating. I like to talk. I like to think I like to share meaningful insight unlike a rambling valley girl unable to stop the deluge of her own voice once it gets going, but I also know I just tend to talk a lot. Very frustrating knowing that any loud background noise will wash out your ability to communicate, having a brilliant point in lecture (or thinking you do) and having to let it go because you just won't be able to communicate it, and having people leaning into you to hear what you are saying like you where their octogenarian grandmother.

I would say the whole experience has taught me know understanding and compassion for the mute, but I am pretty sure they are used to not talking, where I keep getting ready to say something and then remember "oh wait, I can't talk."

I really hope it does not take too long for my voice to come back, but this probably all some sort of ironic punishment for something I did or thought. Possibly being a little sad that this float got pulled from the Rio Carnival festivities.

Yes, it is a holocaust float that was supposed to feature at least one dancing/sambaing Hitler that the Viradouro school had hoped to enter. Offensive? Incredibly. Poor taste? I did mention that it was a DANCING Hitler on top of a float of holocaust victims right? Does that sort of float have any place in any sort of a tasteful or pc Carnival celebration? Of course not.

And that is just it. Carnival is not tasteful. Come on, people used to mock the bubonic plague by dressing up as corpses and undertakers and piling on corpse wagons in the middle of the worst days of the black death. Look at a Bruegel painting, they are insane. I do realize this post will probably bar me from any sort of public office of working with people. Ever. But, that being said I still completely agree that the Viradouro school has no taste as can be seen by their replacement float/dance idea which seems to be a samba homage to Arnold Schwarzenegger's tour de force as Mr. Freeze:

(for reference):

That has to be intentional right? Sick, sick Brazilians.

And just to prove that I have some notion of political correctness after all, here is the pic I chose not to lead this post with:

Remember, it is Carnival so offensive is festive!


*Watah a' run go a punkin belly* said...

The right to free speech is no where in the Bible! Censorship is a venerable Jedeo-Christian tradition! :D

Next year maybe they'll do a slave-trading/ triangular trade float with a dancing massa' with a whip and slaves in blackface followed by the Iraq casualties and 9/11 THATS poor taste!

And even while mute, you talked more than the deepest valley girl I know...wait..I don't know any..hmm..
You're still the champ Bateson!

Barbarossa said...

Ok, so after a talk with Edward I have a better id of what bothers me about modern carnival and what is wrong with Rio float.

Basically I don't feel carnival should be Disneyland i.e. family friendly or aimed towards children. Hence why I really liked the New Orleans carnivals as of late, there were a lot very bitter but not unjustified political statements that did not shy away from death. Basically public expression of public feeling and disappointments. Brutal, but so if life.

This float in Rio wasn't trying to make any statement, unless it was a racist one. There is no particular Brazilian experience in the holocaust that they were trying to speak to, rather I think they were trying to be wildly controversial for the sake of being controversial.

So that I don't support. But, if it is a legitimate commentary on events that affected a community I think it is appropriate (mocking the black death in the middle of the plague for example).