Sunday, January 13, 2008


I love Kamini. I think it is because in our hear of hearts we are both suburban/rural white boys. Granted, he is Congolese (grew up in France) and I am about as a white as they come (though I like to think I could pass as Russian mafia at times, ok I'd need to wear more black, gold, and pointed shoes), but he just mocks everythings so well. He takes the piss out of the the snobby French, American rap stars, and pretty much everyone else and with a smile.

Anyway, I finally managed to get his album and I am loving it. It is pretty fun as every time I listen to it I get a bit more. Anyway, here are some of his best videos (I know I posted the first one before). Perhaps it is my own stylized one-dance-fits-all approach to dancing, but I love his dances. I am sure you cannot tell at all that I really do not want to do law school work today.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap.

Curse you Ian, for making me spontaneously want to learn French!

Barbarossa said...

Hah! And all it took was a nice Congolese boy! Seriously though, the dancing, wow the dancing wow.