Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Guy in Town

Dmitry Medvedev was sworn in as the President of Russia today. The role of religion in the ceremony seems to be much more than prominent than it has been in the past (but I could just be looking for it more intently this time after reading this article). Still they managed to find a group of people who knew the non-Soviet lyrics of the national anthem so that was impressive.

The video above, among other things, shows Medvedev being sworn in (does it say anything that he is not given the book by anyone and it is not being held by anyone? Seems a bit like Napoleon crowning himself). A big part of the oath that they show was up holding human rights. This cartoon parodies that:

Medvedev: the most important values are human rights and freedom
Putin: [thinking] what was that now?

Now for fun, compare and contrast the video with the video below of the (re)inaugeration of the President of Kazakhstan:

I can sing that anthem!

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