Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Studying for Property

Preparing for my property exam involves going back over a lot of very funny situations. Oh sure, we have plenty cases where there are just angry neighbors in a cookie-cutter suburb, but oh there is so much more.

Here's a list of some of the better ones:

1. Angry neighbors...who live next to a racetrack
2. Developers who build a dung heap (sexy right?)
3. It is WWII, in the middle of an air raid in London an expensive broach falls from somewhere in a house, a soldier finds it, but it is not from the house, who keeps it? Apparently that division of German fighters got confused and was dropping priceless heirlooms.
4. Whaling and the Provincetown mafia.
5. Rivers fickley changing and stealing part of states territory.
6. It's my body, I own it, so why won't you let me sell bits of it?
7. I have this lovely home how can the government even think of taking it away? So cruel, and to think I would lose my view of the HUGE sewage plant.
8. I know lets build a huge skyscraper on top of Grand Central, fortunately this is the 70s so a t least it will be pretty.
9. I don't like you, you nouveau rich bastard, having a fox hunt are you? Oh, did I just kill your fox mid hunt? What?

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