Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Birthday Party

After a week all of my birthday hijinx have come and gone after celebrating on Saturday night with friends. It is sort on annoying that after 21 there isn't really anything special you get to do when you get older (except for rent a car in some places, but that really isn't too exciting). it was really nice to see people and I was in full traditional Ukrainian attire. The host thing is a bit weird as you don't really have much time to spend with any one group of people. Fewer people showed up than last year, but I suppose that is to be expected with me having been abroad the past year and me inadvertently competing with the Jewish holidays. Still it was very nice with some people from High School, College, Austria, and Law School so I also felt like most of the key parts of my life were represented.

Other than that I am still figuring law school out. It is a wee bit frustrating that you know you know next to something and really hope the professor will teach you something and most classes turn into giant guessing sessions (honestly I think most of the professors after shooting about twenty students' responses to their questions down lower their standards and will accepts pretty much any old answer). Still I am hoping to make it to Russian arctic law and nuclear law one day.

* The image above is a t-shirt I am going to buy and wear to my Constitutional law final. If you are a little slow like me you not have gotten it at first, which makes it all the more wonderful later: the second amendment is the right to "bear arms." I rather like this interpretation of that right.

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