Monday, September 17, 2007


Another birthday has come and gone. It wasn't even one of the fun ones where you get to legally do things you have long had the opportunity to do if you wanted to anyways. Still for me my birthday stretches pretty much a week from when I celebrated it with my parents a couple of days ago till a week later when I finally have my party with my friends (where the creepy guy told me if I bring enough people I drink for free, huzzah!).

Really not so eventful so far. My parents felt like sharing the story this year about how my mom's water broke when she was pregnant with me and they had to go look for diapers (my mom pointing out that they could just use the other ones for me later anyway). Ah, family bonding.

Not much more to say really than the cake in the picture above is made of foam. Doesn't it still look sort of tasty though?

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