Friday, September 28, 2007

Hang Man

My sleep schedule is very messed up. For a couple days this week I have slept about three hours the entire day, and on other days I haven't been unable to sleep for more than an hour at night, but am ready to pass out by my last class. I am sure there is any easy way to fix this, like making myself stay up until it is a normal time to go to sleep, but sometimes that involves staying awake for another twenty hours when I am already ready to pass out so it is a bit tricky.

So law school, yes. Pretty much everyone here will freely acknowledge that they know nothing. We are well aware that we pale in comparison to the professors' knowledge, yet as a result of the fabled Socratic method we are the ones that have to answer questions when we go into class. Most of my professors don't lecture, they mainly just ask questions about the readings expressing dissatisfaction with the many attempts at answers frightened 1Ls attempt to offer them as sacrifices of appeasement. To be honest, I don't really mind that the professors don't like our answers, mainly because well, we don't know what we are talking about. What I mind is that they never answer the questions, so all we have at the end are the various shards of answers that failed to please.

It is perhaps the most frustrating in my civil law class where the professor usually tells us she is looking for one specific word and proceeds to call on people for the next ten minutes or so to get words that are completely different. These are moments when I think a game of hang man would be much more efficient. We would guess letters and even if they were wrong we would have the spectrum narrowed by multiple possibilities. Eventually we would figure out the word and with each guess we would be a little bit closer. At some point though in the real world we give up, which does not really matter though since guessing does not have to be voluntary. Then the guesses become really interesting. The fun thing is by then we are all pretty much convinced that the word must be pretty advanced legalese or at least in latin, and then it ends up being something like "status." By guessing, we have actually become dumber apparently. Sometimes though we never get the actual word and after being told there is one the professor lowers his or her standards and accepts a rambling paragraph which if anything is comparatively less wrong as opposed to right. Fun.

Here are some picture from this morning when I couldn't sleep and decided to go for a walk:

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