Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Коммунизм Зомби!

I think Zombie Communism is the best idea ever. I know the guy hitting the table isn't a zombie, but imagine how much better it would be if he was! Just imagine zombie Lenin, Mao, and Castro! Okay..well we already have zombie Castro, but imagine if the Soviet Union hadn't just been the evil empire, but the evil zombie empire. First of all, they would have one the Cold War since we all know radiation makes zombies, it doesn't kill them.

Zombie Communism is an idea I came up with Edward back in the day, and I still think it is wonderful I like the idea of zombie armies bringing about the world wide communist revolution, freeing the workers, and then eating their brains! Then there would be the collectivization of brains, the five year brain plan, and long brain lines as the zombie Soviet Union fell apart. Just imagine the op-eds and the starving zombie children of the USSR who have barely enough brains to get by and Zombie Communist slurs like 'Pinko Brainguzzler' and 'filthy zommunist!' Basically I would like a zombie communism themed harold.



Antonella said...

Ian...I love you. But as a founding member of Zombie Watch*, the leading zombie deterrant task force in the Northeast, we would have to destroy your zommunists with well-placed blows to the head a la shovel or firearm.

I'm afraid Resistance is Futile in this matter. We've got "how-to" shirts and EVERYTHING.

*which consists of Wyatt, Dan, and myself.

Barbarossa said...

I won't lie, the shirts are pretty damn cool. I would only remind you that the zombie states of the ZUSSR and the Zomie People's Republic of China have perfected the art even in their pre-zombie days of sending waves and waves of people on to the battle field to defeat the enemy by exhausting them. Your will run out of bullets and your shovel will be worn away to nothing before the Zommunist hordes stop.

Antonella said...

Our bodies may not be decaying machines that never tire, our shovels may grow bent from the ceaseless smashing in of zommunist heads, but while there is still a brain resting in my cranium I SHALL NOT BE MUNCHED ON QUIETLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT!!!

BESIDES!!!...Zombies are dead, which means if I choose my battle ground wisely, I can see them either putrified or dessicated before they get to my brain, and I will laugh at their groaning exploding body juices/dried out corpses.

AND if I get my navy going, your zombies will be so bloated from water that in sea battles they would never be able to fight against my gallant ship crew!

руф said...

skype date sometime tomorrow(saturday)? обещаю что мы можем говорить о benefits зомбиского коммунизима