Saturday, October 21, 2006

Contest Sort of Thing

The Prize: I will rant for/or against a topic of your choice on my blog. Want an impassioned rant about the merits of using children as a source of clean burning fuel? The evils of Canada? About how Hitler and Stalin were actually gay lovers and war broke out because it was Hitler's way of dumping Stalin? Now is the time. You can also specify a historical/fictional personality who I should be when I rant.

The Task: To tell me where the following quote came from. Using google is no longer cheating. The Winner is the first person to get it right, so guess often and put the topic of your desired rant in your comment.

The Quote:
You're a man. I'm a woman. We're just too different .

The contest has been won (see 'comments' for details) I am now eagerly awaiting my rant topic.


ruth said...

because i'm a conniving cheating jew i looked it up on google. and found nothing. i'm waiting on pins and neeedles for the answer.

ruth said...

ok so i promised you an off base guess and here it is: ianesco, that play with the professor and his female student. that or dante's inferno.
for my rant i would like a ditraibe against a certain paul s. done in the style of a pushkin epic poem.

The Country Bumpkin said...'s from a movie??? give us a hint! ;-)

Barbarossa said...

tv show

Antonella said...

Why do I want to say "Invader Zim"?!!

*tries to think of other cancelled cartoons in last ten years*

Was it a more serious cartoon, or a cartoony cartoon?

Michael J said...


Antonella said...

Oh snap. Michael's right, isn't he. It's Futurama, isn't it. Damnit, that would make SO MUCH SENSE.


Barbarossa said...
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Barbarossa said...

Mike is right, it was Futurama. Leela says it to Fry (as a way of getting out of a date). Mike gets to name the subject of my rant.

P.s. Mike, you blog sucks.

Michael J said...

Imagine you are a Japanese geisha in the year 2025. Globalization is fully realized and foreign white devils are starting to take away your business. The worst of it is that wacko tourists who speak with terrible accents from countries like Kazakhstan are starting to commodify you. Deliver a rant against global economy from your perspective as a practitioner in the art of private nonsexual entertainment who is in danger of losing her job.