Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Lsat

It went okay. I don't think I bombed it and I don't think I aced it, so what Actually happens will depend on how well I did on the stuff I was less than 100% sure on. I am kind of weird and think that if I think I did well on something as punishment I won't (as some sort of punishment for hubris) so I am preparing for the worst. I've also decided that I would rather end up doing better than I thought I would, so I am trying to convince myself I did really terribly to make that a little easier.

The actual test was pretty funny. I don't remember the name if it, but it reminded me of a film people usually watch around Christmas time in Germany (yes, yes, I know Germany, again). It's black and white and it involved a butler setting a very long table a serving multiple courses of a very formal only one woman. I felt like the old woman because I was taking the exam in a big lecture hall and all the instructions were meant for big groups, but it was only me. So we had to do things like the id check, even though the proctor was the head of academic studies and knew me. It did take some of the pressure off though.

I think my proctor was pretty amused by America's draconian test taking procedures, involving finger printing, numerous verbal threats in the instructions, and a law school admission test that has nothing to do with law. My writing sample was on who I would hire to take over as a personal chef on a cruise ship. God bless you lsat! God bless.


ruth said...

so, who would you hire?

Nella said...

I support Ruth's question. AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW, IAN! Who WOULD you hire?!?

Barbarossa said...

I am amused there is so much interest.

Well, we were told we had to choose the new chef based on two criteria:

1. The person best able to manage the large galley staff.

2. The cruise company would be able to hire a permanent person as soon as possible (i.e. after these temporary people).

The two people were Marie and Burke. Marie seemed like a really big bitch, but a hardass able to get things done (she supposably was going to reinvent and improve the whole operation in her three months there), you know a woman roughing it in a man's world and becoming a little manly in the process. Burke seemed liked a nice guy, he'd worked with smaller catoring operations (I pictured a nice little bakery, mmm baked good), but never something so big. He was nice, but I didn't think he could cut it and he would be working for 6 months compared to Marie's three so he would hold things up more. So in the end I chose the bitch, because bitches get things done.

and that's why I should get into law school.

ruth said...

because you're a bitch?

because, while the logic is flawless, i have to disagree with the truthhood of it.

p.s. i would hire marie too because everyone knows that women belong in the kitchen, not men.