Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gummy Bears with Convictions

So yeah, the Austrian general election was this week. Before that, there was a lot of campaigning going on, campaigning that made Austria seem a lot smaller than it is. First my friend Scott met the Chancellor Schüssel, who was seeking re-election. Yes, good old Schüssel gave Scott an energy drink that said "the power Chancellor"on it, with his picture on it, not tacky at all.

Then came the finance minister. Now living in New York, you get used to walking by pretty much anyone trying to give you something on the street. Green Peace? I don't think so. Orphans in disaster ridden country? Not falling for that one. So that was pretty much the mentality I had walking around Vienna, except this time the person giving out stuff was the Austrian finance minister. I blew right by him. It was only ten feet on when I realized the hand-out Scott had accepted from said creepy man on the street was actually a signed picture of the guy who gave it to us with the caption 'Austrian Finance Minister' on it. I, like I'm sure any of us would do, ran back to embrace the minister and get my own hand-out. He was delightfullyly creeped out.

So for whatever reason, around that whole block there was loads of free stuff being given out. There were free balloons, gift bags, and of course gummy bears:

Yes, I can honestly say that these are the first political gummy bears I've seen and eaten. For some reason I am not sure of, they seemed to be rooster heads. The back says 'Vienna's strong Party,' its funny because they lost.


ruth said...

more importantly, are austrian gummy bears as good as german gummy bears?

Barbarossa said...

Hmmm, I think I need to try the ones without the political filling, but I would say yes. On the whole the Germanophones make a better gummy bear.