Monday, November 06, 2006

Because apparently I complain too much, here's another complaint

Somebody has been messing with me and I am not happy

I traveled for half an hour tonight to get to what was supposed to be an open improv jam. I really miss improv, especially with people who have some experience doing it. When I got to the building where it was supposed to be it was an apartment building down a dark alley. There certainly wasn't a theater there. So then I spent a lot of time wandering around in the cold and asking people if there was a theatre nearby, to no avail.

So when I came back I checked all the information, which was right, and then found more directions which literally said to go down the dark alley. What the hell? How can they not mark things or at least give you an apartment number? I am annoyed but also wondering what the heck kind of improv practice group makes you pay 15 euro to perform improv down a dark alley.

Also, they were getting rid of all the old furniture from the bar here and me and some others thought we could just take it since other people had been allowed to. I got a crappy old couch, it reeked of smoke, looked like something out of a seventies bachelor pad, and was really beat up, but I liked it. It made me happy. And now I have to give it back. Not happy. I already febrezed the couch and everything.

I am a very petty vain person, BUT FEAR MY WRATH!!!

also, I have already noticed my English going to shit again, but this time with no real improvement in my other languages. It should be fun to watch.


The Country Bumpkin said...

awww. poor Ian. after all that work of febreezing. =( what's the story behind not being able to retain the couch?

Barbarossa said...

They wanted to give it to some charity, The jerks.