Friday, November 03, 2006


So this is my second year of being forced to celebrate Halloween outside of the US. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I honestly think New York is the best place in the world to celebrate it. I have to admit I was pretty bumbed not to be able to take part in Nella and Edward's Halloween festivities. Halloween in Europe (and in Kazakhstan for that matter) is just different. It is much more commercialized (hard to imagine I know, but it only has the commercial dimension) and is really only for young people going out to bars and clubs (I love that in the US there is stuff for kids, young people, and older people). It makes me sort of sad, but at the same time I felt I needed to try and make up for Europe's lacking Halloween traditions and so I went and put together a pretty cool costume (as seen above and below). It was pretty cool and had the amusing double association of wealth Austro-Hungarian nobility and also the sleazy guys who wear a pretty similar get up and sell tickets to the opera. All and all Halloween was okay though there will have to be some sort of grand homecoming when I finally can celebrate Halloween in New York again. More importantly, as I now own this costume and I both look like Mozart and the guys who sell opera tickets what mischief/performance art should I get up to? Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Nice harpsichording it up!

Now, who's the broad? I'm sorry to say, but if she got in a fight with Nella in her fairy costume, Nella would probably win. Nella's a very tempremental fairy, but I'll have her tell you that in person.

Hee hee, ha ha,