Friday, November 03, 2006

So I forgot

So I was in Salzburg over the weekend. It was really cool. For those of you thinking 'Hey, I know of Salzburg, why?' it is probably because of The Sound of Music. It was set here and parts of it were also filmed here. Salzburg is very pretty and quaint, but very much a victim of the seemingly standard European urban development strategy of 'hmmm, we have this beautiful historic town what should we add? I know, something incredibly modern and ugly!' Still very pretty, just some moments of wtf.

It was especially cool because Scott, the other Fulbright scholar here, had spent a year in Salbzurg and was able to take us around and show us the coolest stuff. We went up a mountain which was cool in a lot of ways, one of which being that my cell provider counted it as crossing the border the Germany and sent me a welcoming sms. The message made me realize how close to the border we were. Then I thought, 'well of course, in the sound of music they climber over the mountain to escape the Nazis.' Yes Ian, they crossed the border with Germany to escape the Nazis. Brilliant.

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