Saturday, November 04, 2006


So I really liked the borat film. I am not so sure I would really want to defend it to my Kazakh teacher or host mother, but I liked it. I just thought it was a really well done funny movie (I loved the New Yorkers telling him to fuck off, oh New York directness, how I miss thee). I want to call it a feel good movie you could take your whole family to, but I know that isn't true. The funny things is that really is making much more fun of America than Kazakhstan. Honestly I just think Kazakhstan should be happy to be the first 'stan' to have a stereotype. I have to say I really enjoyed the movie even more for the few things about Kazakhstan that were true. Uzbeks, assholes? That is true. There is a real rivalry there and Kazakhs do think they are better than Uzbeks. Wife abducting? You know, when he tries to put Pamela Anderson in a sack? That is real. It isn't really practiced in Kazakhstan anymore (way to keep that one alive Kyrgyzstan), but there is truth to that. At the end of the day the young people in Kazakhstan thought it was funny and I think that says something. Next on Sasha Baron Cohen's list? Bruno's Austria. You'd think he was following me.

P.s. The Kazakh woman who takes care of my grandmother was very upset that they didn't show any Asians in the movie. Kazakhs are Asian people.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, *I* think you're trying to follow him...

I have yet to see Borat, but I very excited to, and I think all the broadcast journalism students are trying to see it this weekend, ASAP. He does our field so proud!

I'm covering the NYC marathon tomorrow morning, and hoping to catch up with my article's subject: the rabbi of my synagogue and his wife are running. Yes, I know that Borat would chase after them...

I am busy, but I sneak in a bit of fun. Halloween was wonderful: I will write more soon. In the meanwhile, you really lived up your Hapsburg fantasy!!! - too bad you didn't have a flamboyent Spanish photographer around to transform you into a character in an odd futuristic racialistic role-playing game.

Yerz, of course,

ruth said...

personally i think it's to much of a coincidence. borat=ian's secret identity?

p.s. i spent tonight complaining. i like to think i was homaging you.