Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Excerpt form an article on BBC news about different (crazy) reality tv shows:


They thought they had blasted off into space from a cosmonaut training camp in Russia - but in fact, they were stuck in a fake spaceship in a warehouse in Suffolk.

Space Cadets contestants
The contestants believed they were Britain's first "space tourists"
Contestants on Channel 4's show were strung along for two weeks in 2005, with the original line-up of 10 whittled down to three "winners".

Each of them received £25,000 for their efforts, although they did admit to being disappointed that they had been fooled.

They became suspicious after being asked to hold a ceremony on their "spaceship" for a celebrity Russian dog called Mr Bimby.

So cruel. I would so do it to people. Stupid contestant,"Well it was really emotionaly draining, but we pulled together, and in the end we did get to spend time in space." No, no you didn't. You spent some quality time in warehouse in a rather undesirable part of the UK.

Not necessarily bad entertainment though, I would pay good money to see them celebrating gospodiin Bimby's birthday.

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