Friday, May 11, 2007

Too Much

I had seven hours of human rights class today and am completely exhausted. The material was interesting (we were looking at the former Yugoslavia), but we started at 9 and went till 6. It was just way too long, certainly too long to stay focused. The Diplomatic Academy continues to irritate me as their reserve system has no way of making sure reserve books are returned (i.e. not allowing you to do the reading), and because they scheduled an extra class for one of my courses on a day I won't be here. I have been exercising a lot the past week, and despite the added energy it is supposed to bring me, I have been completely exhausted Grumble. Remarkably, with my plans for next year in place I am just very content and calm. I am really hoping it last for a while (if the lovely weather we had a few weeks ago makes a return chances are likely it will). Things aren't perfect, but I am doing well and well it is pretty nice.

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