Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Portrait of a Day

Stumbled out of bed five minutes before German started.

Had to argue something or other about tourism, my head hurt, don't really remember but apparently I mixed up the future tense.

Should have showered, went back to bed instead.

Ate some cheese.

Went back to sleeping.

Ran to Russian at the university.

Argued something about bilingualism (it is important each parent only speak one language with the child).

Learned that long form Russian adjectives describe general tendencies where the short form ones describe the immediate situation.

Felt bad I wasn't one of the ones singled out for writing well (I make a lot of mistakes).

Turkish woman at the trave agency, who spoke German with a very strong Austrian accent, was really nice and told me some nice places to go outside of Istanbul. She talked on the phone a lot in Turkish, I tried to figure out what she was saying using my Kazakh, didn't get very far.

Studied human rights law.

Got back in touch with an old good friend now living in London.

Discussed satanists in my other Russian class. My Russian teacher told us she was pretty sure she found some on the subway after read the daVinci Code.

She kept calling me the boy from Odessa.

Did a random google search for a picture for this post ('day' in Russian turned up the above picture from the City Day in Sochi (official winter Olympics candidate city).

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