Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Meme God!

All fear the meme god for he is a jealous god! Well it has been a few days now since the blog got screwed u, but it is all my own fault! I tried to remove the ad part of meme code I posted and the meme god spited me for it and sent my blog into a dark age. Wow for me and for barbarossa, had we not, but not just respected the the meme god.

I am in the mood for Turkey, I think I'll go to Turkey tomorrow.

My mom went to Brooklyn Law today, she liked it. Apparently most of the building are pretty ugly from the inside, but nicely renovated inside. Already I am planing ways to incorporate Russia and the former Soviet Union into every part of my legal studies (i.e. making it like any other part of life).

Also here is a song from eurovision that I am completely addicted to:

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ruth said...

my new goal in life is to become the bald guy with the sweet dance moves.