Monday, November 05, 2007

New Caldeonia

So since Alexia is going off about some of her obsessions with obscure areas, I thought I would go off about one of mine as well.

Pictured above is Nouméa, New Caledonia. New Caledonia is a former French penal colony off the coast of Australia (The English started using Australia as a penal colony and France literally said "well two can play at this game" and stared their own). New Caledonia is a still a part of France, though it had its own money, quasi-citizenship, and is not part of the E.U. The native Kanaks are the largest ethnic group, though they are not a majority, followed by Europeans and other ethnic groups from all over Asian.

Also, New Caledonia is beautiful! As evidence I offer this website.

I really wanted to, and still sort of do, go and spend a year in New Caledonia teaching English, hanging out on the beach and working on my French (the program is for Aussies and Kiwis, but i was told they might make an exception).

It is remote and the population is quite small (about 200,000 people in total), but it seems like a really fascinating place.


~*~*Watah a' run go a punkin belly*~*~ said...

I find it very funny that we both obsess over what we don't have "claims" to geographically . You, Swiss/Italian/Irish (All-American), and this tropical Paradise, New Caldeonia (which sounds really cool by the way... you should obsess over it more often). Me, "100% mestizo" Jamaican, and a snowy mountainous ex-war zone, Ladinia.
Geti, geti no want it, an' wani, wani no get it!
See! I can be a good stalker...uh, interested friend... as well :D

Barbarossa said...

It's a good point. Though I am aware of my Irish heritage, I have no real passion to live in Ireland or learn Gaelic. I love Italian food, culture, and people, but it doesn't really drive me (same goes for the Swiss).

Ukraine is a bit different for me, though it is really Russia that got me into the Slavic stuff. And then of course there is the German speaking world, where I feel most at home in Europe.

New Caledonia is a bit of an exception for me though, I don't usually get excited about islands, especially small ones, but the cool cultural mixture, the French, and just the sheer beauty really does it for me.

You are right though, the exotic is always alluring.

Will continue obsessing.