Friday, November 02, 2007

So Cool!

Stealing this picture from the New York times. So that there in the picture is a real convertible and pop corn machine? What is it you ask? -cricket- Um....what is it I asked when I was looking at the pciture? It is a drive in consisting of one vintage care on the lower east side. The car seats up to six people and you book if for a film. They are moving through them chronologically (though simultaneously thematically, which is pretty cool) and it is done in a store they completely reinvents itself every few months (not a section of the store, but then entire think, the only linking element is that it is the store that changes every few months).

I know this is sort of an example of urbanites engaging suburban/rural -entalism, but dammit, I didn't grow up in a city and never got to a drive through. I really want to go. It is really dorky, but also amazing! If anyone who reads this want to go let me know because I am trying to put a group together.

Man, this is really the stuff about New York I love: the sort of crazy randomness (also exemplified by the now annual giant pillow fight, which I will go to now that I am back by golly).

Also, it was nice to be back in a place where Halloween is celebrated properly. Yes I know other places have holidays like Halloween and our Halloween is only for their clubs, but I love walking around New York with people in costume, especially when so many of them are clever or funny. And on that note I suppose I will end with a list of Halloween costume observations:

Fuzzy Tiger suits were in for guys this year (a little creepy when the have beards)
A guy was dressed as white trash, mainly wearing a white trash bad, it was awesome
Geisha was in, though mainly men seemed to be doing it
Lots of pirates, many Johnny Depps (both pirates and Fear and Loathing)
And girls continue to dress and slutily as possible and wear fuzzy ears and call is a "costume"

What was also funny is how many different people thought I was (and asked me if I was unsolicited) in my Mozart costume from last year, which was never really a Mozart costume, but seemed appropriate when I was in Austria:

George Washington - I got a lot of these, mainly from hobos that were really eager to hang out with me for some reason (and I had been worried about being mistaken as a slave owner)

Thomas Jefferson - Same reasoning I supposed, slightly more esoteric personality

Beethoven - sure, why not?

Mozart- I got this one when another Mozart was around actually

Hitler - just kidding

Liberachi - Got that one from a group of subway workers, I think it is my favorite.


~*~*Watah a' run go a punkin belly*~*~ said...

Liberachi is a great one!
I think that's your new nickname.

Yes! You must do the pillow fight...and pantless subway ride.

Last year for the giant pillow fight people had sand in their I saw stars a few times. But, I figure tall guys who look like Robert De Niro have more street cred than me.

Barbarossa said...

I reaaaaaaally want to do the pillow fight, though I definitely need to be put in the more section of the pillow fight because I will probably like it a little too much.