Sunday, November 04, 2007

Small Things in Life

I am a little bit obsessed with Belgium. First of all it is beautiful. Second of all their French makes more sense than French French (even if the Belgian joke is the equivalent of the Polish joke here), and I want to learn Flemish. Also I love their mussels and, this is actually probably the most important part, they make my favorite beer and chocolate. I kind've really want to live in Belgium at some point.

Anyway, today is a boring day as I have a lot of work and have been writing a memo in the library. Then along came an e-mail from the International Law Society about a summer internship in Brussels. This was right after I had had the first Belgian chocolate I had had in a long time.

I have done nothing towards applying, and may very well not get it, but it really perked me up. It would be a really good thing to do and I am pretty sure I would even get paid. Recently I have been doing a lot of random searches for summer work, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of things I have found that genuinely interest me (some element of internationalism and/or cool location). It is just nice.

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