Sunday, December 03, 2006


The idea of having a blog backlog greatly amuses me, firstly because trying to say "backlog blog" ten times fast is a pretty good tongue twister, and secondly because it is exactly what I have.

So Michael was here last weekend for four days of crazy and Thanksgiving. There are pictures where we both look normal, but those are no fun and this one is more bad ass. I am all about the bad ass. Wow that sounds really bad, eh. So a brief summary of his visit:

There was plenty of Funk!

(funk is actually just the German word for radio, though if you are doing something over the radio in German you are doing it 'through funk,' which is awesome).

Modern Art!

Man Eating Refrigerators Masquerading as Art!

amusingly, the refrigerator was on, dripping water on people's heads and the whole was pretty small and threatening not to let people's heads out again.

Crazy Romanians in 30's Dress!

And Pretentious Art Pictures!

though the idea of having post-communist peoples in anything read themed, like the bar in the picture above always amuses me.

So all and all a very nice Thanksgiving. We even got to play mafia with a big group of Americans for Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving isn't about being with good friends and countrymen, breaking bread around a communal table, and trying to kill each other than I don't want to know what it is about.


ruth said...

it's also about getting drunk with your cousins and then rambling about babel's odessa tales to your dad's cousin for about an hour.

ruth said...

p.s. i want to be friends with those romanians