Monday, December 04, 2006

Fun with German...Translation!

Quote from the Vienna Tourist Board Website:

An especially high homo-density can be found at all the gyms of the inexpensive Club Danube chain, at the exclusive John Harris gym, the BodyStyle fitness club located in proximity to the Gay District and the two Elixia gyms. Now get the weights, girls.

Homo-density. Wow, what an amazingly awkwardly translated word. So scientific and so offensive all at the same time. A delightful improv suggestion.

I also like the idea of TV commercials like the ones that come on TV around 10 asking "Do you know where your children are?" Except asking, "Do you know your homo-density?"

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Nella said...


My GOD that is all sorts of awesome.

What word were they POSSIBLY translating so badly, one wonders...