Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Joy of Travel

Flew back into Vienna today (not via Athens in a time traveling lay over as my random picture choice may have you believe) with the fam after under six days back in the states. The same, however, can not be said for my bag, which made it to London and has not been seen since. I am still sort of bitter about all that. Not only did I not have any gifts to give people, but now I have to wonder if I am ever going to get the stuff in my bag back (oh sure there are important things like the cable and charger for my camera, but there are also just pleasant cushy things like my favorite pair of pajama pants, the slippers I wanted to take home just to keep my feet warm, and the nice jacket I got from H&M). Grumble, grumble. You are a marked man British Airways!

The baggage area for British Airways in JFK is a complete mess. There is just room after room of people's baggage with none of it seeming to be sent out to people in the two days I looked through it. People have no idea where the bags are and random bags are still being tossed to flights from London. What was also really frustrating is that no one even apologized. I am not looking to take out my frustration on some poor employee, but BA obviously messed up and not only have they not tried to fix it, but they aren't even taking responsibility for it on their website.

The only thing I did realize from the whole experience is that Lost is much more realistic than I first thought. Especially around Christmas time, not only could live for years off of the stuff people have in their bags, but in the lap of luxury. Just imagine all the electronics, chocolates, and festive alcohol. Well at least the mole people in Heathrow will be happy with my gift selection.

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Nella said...


I mourn the loss of your bag, with sack cloth, ashes, and teeth gnashing. I hope that your bag may yet be restored to you, like some sort of prodigal...bag. But if not...

*bows head in a moment of silence*