Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So in a shocking turn of events I had a Russian class today! The day before I had gotten a text message from a classmate who said he was sick and wanted me to tell the teacher for him when we had class the next day. All fine and well and that much I understood. He named the sickness as 'angina,' which meant absolutely nothing to me. Actually, to say it meant nothing to me is being a little too generous. You see in German it would be pronounced 'angeena,' which sounds an awful lot like the German for vagina, 'vageena.' The fact that said classmate is a burlier hairier fellow made things all the more amusing as I contemplated all the possible vagina related illnesses his non-vagina could be suffering from. Could it be vagina shaped growth, not life threatening but socially awkward enough to warrant social exile? A more aggressive and emasculating form of the metrosexual virus? A physical assault by sassy yet strong woman named Angeena ? It boringly turned out to mean 'tonsillitis.'

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