Monday, January 08, 2007


This will be quick since I am procrastinating writing something for Russian. So classes started up again at the diplomatic academy, which was a little weird since everything is obviously getting going again, but I don't have any classes on Mondays so I sort of felt like I was haunting the place as I would see people on the way to something else but there was no real interaction. And then there was the one girl who when I said 'hi' and smiled walked by without smiling or saying anything. If she was the most popular girl at diplomacy camp I could understand, but she is so not so it is just rude. Also I was almost relegated to the uncool kids table at lunch today. Okay, so in reality here in nerdsville pretty much every table is the uncool kids table, but the really uncool kids table is the professors' table where professors and any students unlucky enough to have to sit there keep separate conversations going except for the occasional awkward exchange and neutral conversation offering. Yeah I was a bit late and I almost had to sit there, without any other students. The student conversation would have consisted of me talking to me. Nobody wants to talk to me, I know I don't and I wasn't going to talk to the professors. So I left. No lunch, but apparently it wasn't any good and I can live without unnecessary extra awkwardness in my life. I'm a self sufficient producer and leading exporter!


Antonella the Archaeologist said...

Pfft, at least you have a loser table! At NYU, we don't even have those, merely mind numbing isolation.

...And I can't really say I sympathize, as I've never let your awkward social skills get in the way of our glorious friendship(honestly, I've never even noticed them!...the Awkward social skills that is), and yet you have still abandoned me for Austria.

I cough discreetly but rudely in your general direction, sir.

'Nella, again said...

Oh, and on another note entirely...

Every once in a while the desire to turn to more historical forms of correspondence smacks me like a bitch and demands to know where its' money is. However, every time I try to take up "snail mail", the person I write too never. EVER. EVER. writes back. I've literally run out of people to write too that I could hope for a return response.

Well, alas, the mood has struck again. So what do you say, buddy of mine! Have you paper? Pen? International stamps? An Envelope? An address? A desire and the drive to mantain old school correspondence? I of course understand if you don't want to, but you're my last hope old chap and I thought I'd give asking a go.

Well, what be your response?