Saturday, January 06, 2007

Don't Fly British Airways, Ever

So my bag still hasn't arrived, that's right two weeks after having left my bag has yet to either make it to New York or Vienna. Now I could complain about how I was promised that I would have it in a week, that no one has been very nice about the whole thing, that nobody at the BA baggage office bothers to answer the phone until they are done for the day (then they put up the message telling you they are not available and letting you leave a message they will not respond to), I could, but I'd rather complain about the fact that I got a call from BA on Wednesday when I was in Prague telling me they had my bag and that they could deliver it whenever I wanted. That sounded great since my family was still around and I could have given them their presents and those for other people before they left. Suddenly I was full of the joy of the Christmas spirit again and virginal optimism of the New Year. So I said that I would be back on Friday and asked them to deliver it to the academy. Well Friday came and went and after spending most of the day waiting for the bag it never showed up. What was even better though is after calling the central BA hot line in God knows where and my mom talking to the people at the airport before she left, it turns out they have no idea where my bag is or who or why someone would have called to tell me they had it and would be delivering it. Oh now they are just being cruel on purpose.

The great things is that after a little bit of research it turns out that bags were not only left in London in hug piles (there were at least 8,000 supposedly down to 2,000 now), but bags were also put on the wrong flights. One bag meant for Switzerland wound up in Brazil for example. So my bag could literally be anywhere. My feelings are pretty much put forward in an article on the subject in the Daily Telegraph:

The problems may be, as BA says, "outside our control". But instead of resorting to a Soviet-style information blackout the airline could at least keep passengers informed. At the very least, its staff could answer the fucking telephone [my fucking and italics].

So don't fly British Airways. They are evil. If they do this to bags, just imagine what they will do to your children.

Just remember this isn't the true face of British Airways:

This is:

Also, because I feel like it, the first person to correctly post the name of the movie the first and last pics are from wins and can give me a blog topic if they so wish.

Update: My bag finally arrived around six o'clock last night. Again this is after I had been told twice in the past two days that they had no idea where my bag was and that it certainly wasn't in Vienna. It does have a JFK sticker on it which leads me to believe they sent it to JFK even after they promised they wouldn't. I am happy (yeah!) that I got my stuff back, but at the same it is frustrating because I got it all back after I could give presents to people. BA will be getting an angry letter and a receipt for the shipment of my extra stuff home.

Don't ever fly BA


Antonella the Anthropologist said...

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Fucking Ark!

(the fucking is entirely optional)

Yeesh, that was far too easy, as it is the video guide book of my future LIFE.

Tell me when the next big diplomats/spy fest dinner is, so I can crash it with a shit load of Zommunists on my tail and a priceless artifact under my fedora.

Barbarossa said...

Quite right!

It had better be the guide book to your life, I think I have made damn well clear that I want an archeologist adventurer friend and you are the only one in the running (from a crazy pack of Zommunist trying to reclaim the sacred petrified moustache of Marx you stole).

Done. I will have a special post about the next dimplomatic shindig.

thiess said...

My aunt once flew from Hamburg to some other place in Germany (definitely a <1 hour flight) but her bag didn't make the flight. Somehow, instead of staying in the same country, the bag ended up in India.

Just slightly off...