Saturday, January 13, 2007


The New York Time's Manhola Dargis on Justin Timberlake's new movie "Alpha Dog":

"The cretins rule in “Alpha Dog,” which has much the same entertainment value you get from watching monkeys fling scat at one another in a zoo."

Now called my old fashioned, but seems like an awfully low blow coming from highbrow New York Times, don't get me wrong it doesn't upset me, to the contrary having Justin Timberlake's appeal being compared to a shit throwing monkey in a zoo warms my heart. It is just who said it that makes it great, even more wonderful was the fact it was that very sentence that was put on the New York Times Homepage as a link to an article. Brilliant. Well I mean I certainly clicked on it.

On another note, I have a tux! They are expensive though. I was a little hesitant to buy one, but the rental rates are ridiculous here and even if I had my old tux from home chances are it wouldn't fit anymore. The first place I went with my friend Eva despite having a 'good' reputation seemed awfully shady and the salesman seemed pretty eager to fleece me. So after leaving there I felt pretty depressed (images of being the one boy at the Diplomatic Academy left home on the night of the ball flashing through my head), but thanks to Eva's keen instincts we were able to find some nice more reasonably priced tuxes. I really don't like shopping though. The general male vs. female approach to shopping generally amuses me, women look for clothes or at least dresses that are unique and fashionable (constantly changing), where men look for whatever the set 'male' outfit for the occasion is (the phrase"oh my god, you are wearing a black tux too? Whatever will I do." doesn't usually pop up). The funny thing is even buying a tux of a normal pair of pants can be hard and designers seem to keep to weird things to them (like adding stange frills, odd buttons, and especially on casual pants useless straps).

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