Friday, June 29, 2007


As of Wednesday I have been completely done with school work. It was not easy (on Wednesday alone I had three exams), but it is finally over as is my year here in Vienna. I'd like to say I did well on everything, but I didn't so at this point I mainly celebrating the completion(also important). In previous entries I have listed my complaints about the Euoprean education system (little room for creativity, all emphasis on memorization and little to none on analysis), and in many ways this year has been how the two of us just don't really get along. Nonetheless, I was really touched in my Russian composition class when the professor told me how impressed she was with my style and how with every sentence she could tell I was trying to say something. To me, it seemed like validation of the priorities of the educational system I come from.

Now we are on to the end of the year parties. There is a trip to an Austrian wine pub tonight (heuriger) and tomorrow there is the big end of the year party where students, faculty, and alumni will mix. It all promises to be pretty nice. For me, though, it amusing how there is much more of an emphasis on networking here. They sent out an e-mail of all the alumni who are coming and their jobs specifically for the graduating students to be able to make connections with those people. I know it is nice, but for me it is still weird. Maybe it is because I don't have much in the way of concrete career goals, but I just wouldn't walk about a random person who had a job might want to have one explicitly for the purpose of making connections. I might do it if it were something I was really interested in and wanted to know if the person liked the job, but me that is different. Oh well, let the networking begin.

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