Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Weekend

So I am not sure if I can pull of a green bee header for my post (sooo not girly at all), but it was the best image I found after doing a google image search for "weekend" after having been disappointed by what came up with "Weekend Update" (really you would expect better images).

I had a good weekend.

Okay it wasn't perfect, but for me it is really important that I have time to hang out with lots of different people, have meaningful conversations, and also good of a bit. All of this achieved.

Well come to think about it the weekend basically started for me on Thursday. Late Friday afternoon I went to hang out with a Turkish friend of mine of the Franz Josef Kai and met a really good Turkish friend (Özlem) of hers from Ankara (don't ask, it is a complicated story though interesting). The set up is pretty funny as the water in the canal is pretty dirty and the scenery is pretty urban, but there are drink bars, sand, and lounge chairs, so it is all pretty good fun. Good conversations (anti-Americanism, the Austro-Hungarian relationship, and the joys of Ankara).

After that I headed over with Özlem to a cool Israeli falafel/pita place where we by chance met a friend of hers from the university (Dima). Dima was very cool. A Moldovan Jew whose family came to Austria when he was still quite young he has dived full force into his various identities (Jew, Russian, Moldovan, Austria), and speaks an astounding number of languages. Anyway, he knew a film I had seen in my Russian class called Passport (about a Georgian guy accompanying his Jewish brother to the airport to wish him well in Israel, who ends up going to Israel in his place) so we all spoke about that for a while. He also told me a bit about the owner of the restaurant who is an Azeri Jew who went to Israel for a while before coming to Austria (and who also speaks a ridiculous number of languages). Anyway, that was Thursday. Really very pleasant.

Friday night was the end of the semester party at the Orientalistik (yes I know oriental sounds better in English, but it is everything from Turkish and Middle Eastern stuff to East Asians studies so you tell me what to call it in English). That was quite cool. Entry was cheap and came with good amounts of food and booze and there was a great Turkish band and fun dancing ensued. Also a success and so ended Friday night.

On Saturday I had a few drinks with a really cool Kazakh guy. Good conversations. It was cool getting to talk with someone about Kazakhstan again who has a personal connection to the country.

After that it was hang out time with a bunch of the Fulbrighters. There was falafel and much chatter. A bunch of them are leaving next week so it was a but of a goodbye thing though many of them unlike me will be staying next year. So yes we chatted, and then headed over to the Museumsquartier where they have big comfy block things you can lay on. Well we finally snagged one of those and hung out there and that was pretty much the night.

A nice mixture of different people with lively conversation, really can't complain.

Also if anyone is out there is reading this these days feel free to leave a comment it will ease my quasi-worries.


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also: "there was a great Turkish band and fun dancing ensued."

ian dancing is something i feel i must see before i die.

Barbarossa said...

Wow I wonder who the mysterious gimpy was.

Also my dancingis sort of like seeing a god's true appearance: blinding. carefuk what you wish for. I am not sure if it because of my blinding whiteness though which goes into overdrive when I dance.