Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Les Fatals Picards

I love the Fatals Picards! They are amazing. Yes the played at Eurovision, but they are great and even their song for Eurovision was great ( I posted it here a while back). I think I like them so much because they basically have my randomness, but in French! It gives me hope that I can be expressed in French.

In any case, my love for them has only grown since I got their newest album in the mail. Here is a brief list of things about the album that make me love them:

1. A song about what dictators you would choose to play which positions if you were making a soccer team entirely of dictators (and why). Rightest dictators get to play right to attack. The song then follows this same model then continues with other activitiesm (making a reggae group for example).

2. An audio track with Dart Vader performing various every day activities (basically activities you would have to drill in a French class). Darth Vader goes to the bakery, Darth Vader reserves a torture hall over the phone. Also just the notion of a French Darth Vader greatly amuses me.

Okay it is a short list, but the fun thing is that I don't understand all of it so each time I listen to the songs it is like cracked out listening comprehension as the songs are ridiculous and at first you wonder if that is what they are really saying.

Long lives les Fatals Picards!

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