Thursday, June 28, 2007

Snow Globe

My friend Hannah and I went to the Vienna Snow Globe Museum. They claim to have made the first snow globe in 1900, and after being alerted to the places existence it seemed worth checking out. The snow globes were very nice (there is also a 'museum,' but we weren't too interested). Their snow globes were just sort of different, they were well made, but not too expensive. Mind you there were a lot of really corny ones (like Hoki Poki, the advent sorceror, above), but a lot of them were cool because they showed different scenes from Austrian life and bits of the country we had seen. Oh yeah, and the place seemed to be run by recovering drug addicts. Not trying to be mean, just how they seemed.

Interestingly, though this place claims to be the first one to make a snow globe, the wikipedia entry for 'snow globe' makes no mention of it. The entry marks France as the birth place of the snow globe, though not mentioning a specific person or place. The German entry does mention does mention the shop we went to, but as the first place to get a patent for a snow globe, not as the first place to make one. Oh snow globe politics [insert metaphor about their fighting somehow being like when you shake up a snow globe and all the snow goes crazy]. Yes.

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