Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time a tickin

So I have been posting so much lately is has been amazing (also a warning, blogspot is stuck in German mode again so there is no spell check so spelling should be 'interesting,' and by that I mean 'creative,' and by that I mean crap).

I have, however, had many things I have wanted to blog about. Here is a short list:

1. Cambridge - how I really liked it, but probably still wouldn't study there.

2. England - my relationship with five years on.

3. Governor's Island - the development plans of this huge piece of New York real estate and how most of them are pretty crappy if not just very weird. One I really liked.

4. There was a big storm here - how everyone complained about it and I wasn't really phased as it was the only big storm the whole year and trees falling down due to storms I recall happening fairly often where I have lived in the states.

5. German exam - how there was a giant kids event opposite where we were taking the test and how their screams of joy while I was stuck in a dark room writing a business letter for a coffee company made me die a little inside.

6. Plane tickets to Ukraine - my having of them! I am going t Kiev in under two weeks.

7. A forward looking update of 'those who left us this year' - present hopefuls include Mugabe, Castro, and Kim Jong-Il (well come one he doesn't look that healthy does he?).

Some of these may still happen, though if you actually want one you should let me know.

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