Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna and Me

My French teacher was sick today so instead of class we had an extra test today (yeah!). It wasn't too bad, information about French language classes, a text about child soldiers in Africa (up lifting! Yes), and then a composition about one or more of the most important events in your country in the last twenty years. I think I put it best when I said taking a French test for me is a lot like being on the Hindenburg, you know you are going to go down in a fiery inferno of pain so you might as well try and enjoy the ride. Well the major events of last twenty years in the US have been things like presidential elections and horrific acts of terrorism, but no way in hell do I have the vocabulary for that so I decided to write about how the death of Anna Nicole Smith as the most important event in American history in the past twenty years. I wrote about how she was a symbol for an entire generation of Americans, how she was the new Marilyn Monroe, how she encapsulated the good and the bad of the US (though I should have used the verb 'incarner'), and how the US is a poorer place without her. I greatly enjoyed my ride on the Hindenburg.


Nella said...

All I have to say is this.

Burn, baby, burn. :P

Oh, that, and I FINALLY mailed you a letter yesterday. So we shall if how long it'll take to get to Austria, IF it gets there at all.

ruth said...

the woman i shared a room with in the hospital over break was much more interested/affected by anna nicole's death than saddam's. i think you could have been friends
also i think this means anna deserves a "people who have left us this year" entry. talk about how she affected the level of political discorse in this country and had an major impact on many at risk teens in the inner city.