Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Zommunist Threat

Oh it is a doozey of a week. Yes you can still say doozey. Fortunately I have the Kids in the Hall to get me through it. I was looking for a skit on youtube that I particularly liked, but I found this Dave Foley monologue providing ever more proof of the imminent zommunist threat. Silly people, how many times have I told you communists don't die they just become zommunists? Each year the Zommunist ranks grow larger (from this years dead dictators there are at least two new zommunists and that's assuming Castro is still alive, a big assumption). Also Russia is so faking.

P.s. On the Kids in the Hall DvDs they talk about some things that are "so Canadian." I have never been to Canada and I don't think I can recognize something as being Canadian unless it is in a mountie outift and saying aboot. Seriously, I don't hear Canadian accents. How did that happen? Other people can.

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