Friday, February 09, 2007


No picture for this one.

I was sort of amused in my Russian politics class today when after one of the English kids in the class made a couple of points that two of the non-native English speakers in the class who usually understand everything gave me a look desperation. They hadn't understood a word he had said. The guy is actually really nice, but I enjoyed the moment if only because I have had so many Brits here (teachers and students) tell me that American English is bad English, that it is a dialect (which it isn't), or just generally bash the American way of saying things as either being of no consequence or innately inferior (I would say to the British equivalent, but they don't like that, I would say English English too, but they don't like that either). I guess it just amused me that despite all the assertions of superior correctness, the plethora of accents in the UK can make British accents all but incomprehensible at times.

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