Friday, February 23, 2007


So КВН (in English KVN) is a tradition in pretty much all of the post-Soviet countries in places like Israel, Germany, and the US with big immigrant communities from the former Soviet Union. KBN (Клуб Весёлых и Находчивых, awkwardly translated by wikipedia as "Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted people") is a sketch comedy organization that started in the time of Soviet Union. Basically every school would practice, have multiple teams, have a tournament and would then choose the best team to send on to the local final, and then to the region, so on and so forth. The stuff is pretty funny and I think the whole thing is just great because it is like a professional sketch comedy/improv league with a huge audience (because everyone has to take a shot at it in school) and national recognition. I would even argue that it is one of the best things, if not my favorite thing, to come out of the Soviet Union. Anyway, in Kazakhstan they had two leagues, one in Russian and one in Kazakh, and today on youtube I found a video from the KBH Kazakh competition (amusingly labled as "KBH Texas" because it took place in the south of Kazakhstan, which is called the Kazakh Texas because of its oil, religiousnes, and weirdness, sorry Texans). Listen for the English words, even without knowing Kazakh I think it is pretty funny if very bizarre.

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