Friday, February 09, 2007

America the Beautiful

Made a fool of myself at karaoke tonight. Not sure why that bothers my so much, but it does. Other that starting to freak out a bit about the macro economics exam on Tuesday. Still though I am enjoying the warm springy weather here, especially since I keep reading about how freezing it is back in the states. Anyway, here is another little except from a travel book preparing German speakers for America [click to enlarge]:

Basically it tells people how much Americans love their sandwiches and prepares them for the myriad of questions they can and will be faced with they try and order one. I really appreciated this entry, because you know what, I do love my sandwiches and I really miss having delis where I could get a sandwich made fresh and with a relentless assortment breads, sauces, and cold cuts that speaks to the excessive bounty of the capitalist system. Delis, I salute you!

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