Sunday, February 18, 2007

Communist Block

So I got this MS Paint drawing of a "communist block" from Cody this past week. before that Cody had had a post on his blog and asking them to describe his personality traits, I left my comment and then asked him how he would describe me. I am taking this as my response.

I would say that the drawing is saying that I am sturdy like brick, which might also imply that I work well in groups (you know like a group bricks is say a wall). Clearly reflected are my communist/Eastern European leanings, though at the same time I think it shows I am a bit more stylish than your average communist Eastern European, as can be seen from carefully smuggled in blue jeans and sneakers.

Still I think the work reflects my inner aggressiveness as well. I don't like to talk about it, but the drawing clearly shows me with my arrows narrowed and hammer and sickle in hand ready to attack the first capitalist/person with money I see.

Last, but not least I think the color scheme says something about how I see the world: in block colors. Oh sure, it isn't black and white, but what does that matter if in addition to black and white there are only a few other colors allowed to tag along as the foot soldiers of black and white? Hmm?

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