Monday, March 19, 2007

American Invasion

It is spring break time and young American college students are out and about in the world. Specifically, in Vienna as in more than I am used to. It has just been interesting since two friends from NYC randomly appeared in Vienna on Friday and then one of the other Fulbrighters has a whole groups of friends from Barnard/Columbia visiting. It is weird suddenly having loads of people around who are from my university/high school/home town. It is also amusing to notice how I have sort of assimilated. Granted I still talk like a German when I speak German and by no means an Austrian, but the guys dressed up like Mozart selling concert tickets don't give me a second look, where all the visiting American get pounced on as if they were holding bird feed and were surrounded by pigeons. Also one visiting friend said I had a German way of speaking in English (i.e. not quite right English). The language bit is weird because granted I do with a lot with languages these days, but I also do a lot English, but I really do have trouble remembering a lot of English words. This has been painfully obvious as I have been writing my research paper and I am searching for a word and I play the game of sounds like, nooo, similar though. I think I knew the word once. It is kind of link not having a mother tongue and struggling in every language. So this is a bit of a down beat entry, but as I plot the course for the coming year and consider going to yet another, albeit fascinating country, I just sort of wonder what it will bring.


Thiess said...

I feel like you should know about LEO, and if you don't, then you have committed a most grievous sin. Specifically I'm talking about, which is a truly wonderful website. It's definitely the best for German-English, and I must say that it also helped me in my French class, because I knew the German word for what I was looking for in French! HA!

Barbarossa said...

Oh I know LEO, though when you wrote that I thought you were taking about the person. I like more, but leo is excellent I use it for French a lot too since German words are more compact and hence easier to look up and translate than English (usually a longer string of words. More than anything else I find myself wanting words that don't exist in English like a word meaning relationship, but without the the personal primary meaning (in German Verhältnis).