Sunday, March 18, 2007

What will the Future hold?

I really don't know what I will be/should be doing next year and I need your help. Here are some possibilities:

1. Go and teach English in a French public school for a year. Pros: a year when I am being paid to work on my French. Cons: school sucks, I could be stuck in the French equivalent of Hicksville without a car.

2. Try and get a job in finance in New York. Pros: I might actually have money/an apartment and would be back in NYC. Cons: I would kind of be a major sell out. I would also be doing what my dad wants me to.

3. Apply for the UNESCO internship for former Fulbright scholars in Paris. Pros: It is Paris. Cons: I would probably be doing everything in English so my French probably wouldn't improve that much and it is only for six months (sept.-march).

4. Apply to the Middlebury masters in Russian program. Pros: I would get to improve my Russian Cons: I would have to spend the summer in Vermont and the year in Moscow when all my Russia learning-friends would be in St. Petersburg.

5. Apply for the German Parliamentary Internship Program. Pros: I know Berlin pretty well it sounds pretty coo. Cons: It is from March to July, which leaves the question what I would do before and would keep me from being able to do the Middlebury program the next year if I wanted to.

6. Try and get a job as a paralegal. Pros: Russia! Friends should be in St. Petersburg. Cons: I don't know if I could get one.

7. Be a janitor. Pros: I would have at least one pair of clothes and would never have to worry about fogeting my name. Cons: I would be a janitor.

Seriously though, give me some advice, I am kind of at a loss and feel like crawling into a cave for a year.

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Omprakash said...

Hi. Please go ahead for the UNESCO internship. Its the best bet. Me too trying for one in New Delhi.
--Omprakash, JNU, New Delhi