Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My very Random Day

I had a very long day. Here are some "highlights":

Discussing in German class how Austrian states are happy to pay women to stay at home with their kids, but don't want to make enough daycare available for them to be able to work.

Having international law where the professor is amazingly good about listening to my question, sounding like he is going to address it and then moving on without any apology, transition, or excuse.

Being the only American in the class who the professor doesn't know by name. He calls the the other two by name. It is always those two by name and then "the other Americans in the class." I am the other Americans. I am not plural.

Listening for a song for the hundredth time on my ipod that sounds like "Buddy Holly" by Weezer.

Russian classes at the university. Having the professor speak extremely slowly, articulate every syllable and then there being students saying they couldn't understand a word she said.

Having an old Austrian women who worked for an airline in the Caucuses insist on peaking to me in English even though we had spoken entirely in German the day before and are both trying to learn Russian.

Introducing myself to random people I have had way too many Russian classes with in the past few days.

Listening to a lecture by a Russian historian hero of mine. Having him sign his book for me. Arranging to meet with him for a coffee.

Russian at the Russian cultural institute. The director for some reason had randomly decided he likes me. Like a lot. Like if he wasn't a married old Russia man I would think he was coming on to me. He used to try and scare me away. Apparently I randomly became interesting at some point.

Watching over an hour long graphic film in Russian about Chechen terrorism. I have no idea why my teacher showed this to us. It lasted the whole class. A lot of people died. I didn't understand a lot of it. She didn't bother to stop the video to explain any of it. I have no idea why we watched it. Apparently she showed another part of it last week, today only about half of the class was there.

Planning a weekend trip with a Fulbright friend (i.e. being completely exhausted and being prepared to go anywhere suggested at any time suggested).

Downloading "Buddy Holly" by Weezer.

Taking a nap.

Updating my blog.

Procrastinating doing the work for French I am way too tired to do.

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