Friday, March 23, 2007

Moscow Still Calls but...

So I am pretty random, which leads to random Internet searches. Basically I found out that the OSCE offers a masters in Central Asian Politics taught in Bishkek and on full scholarship. The program is mainly meant for Central Asians (though it taught in English), but also allows limited applications from students from other OSCE countries (the US is one of those). They have had 'westerners' in the program. That being said, I don't know how good the program is. It is tiny there are only about 35 students. I am also not sure how the degree bit works either as it doesn't seem to be accredited by a university even though it is approved by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education. All of the teachers had Central Asian surnames and they didn't' list where they had studied so it was hard to tell how western-oriented the program would be (though it is the OSCE so it really should be). Still seems cool and it would be a way to hand out in Central Asia for another year.

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