Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Immigrants, hurrumph

So the dorms here have cleaning ladies that go in your room and clean things (profound, I know). I suppose it is important considering we have showers in our rooms (though not toilets oddly) and I am not so good about cleaning those (read: I don't). None the less, after a few months here I understood why there was a specific provision in the student handbook saying that the school is not responsible for things broken by the cleaning ladies: they break things, kind've a lot of them. Though my personal experience is small compared to others, in a period of two weeks I went from having two drinking glasses in my room to none, also my knife suddenly disappeared (no not into a corpse, I always check when that happens). As I suddenly had no glasses I finally asked the cleaning lady if she knew what had happened (my room is smallish and box like so after several weeks of searching I decided they probably weren't hiding) , she started to freak out and then admitted to having broken one of them and tried to give me a glass she had found somewhere else though. Still don't know what happened to the knife though.

Anyway I was chatting with her today while she was in my room. She was complaining about how when she came to Austria from the Philippines there weren't many immigrants and it was easy to get a visa. That made sense to me, most of Austria was boxed in by the iron curtain/communist Yugoslavia so there wouldn't have been so there wouldn't have been much immigration, legal or otherwise from its neighbors from there. Anyway it was funny to hear her complain how there were too many immigrants now and how things basically weren't as good before in the 80s, partly because the mental image I have of the 80 makes it very hard for everything to better then (mainly leg warmers, snap bracelets, and Richard Simmons), but also because an immigrant complaining about immigrants amused me, though I supposed it is basically the same thing as anyone in the US complaining about immigration. Still though she is right, not about immigrants making things worse here (I have no idea about that), but there are a good amount of immigrants here these days, especially from Slovakia and the former Yugoslavia.

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