Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smoking Kills, it also Sucks

Europeans and their smoking.
I have accepted that having European friends means putting up with smoke.
I have accepted that my clothes will stink and that I will have to wash them.
I have accepted that my hair will stink and I will have to wash it.
I did all of that and I still stunk.
I kept smelling smoke the whole day.
It was my beard that stunk.
I couldn't wash it.
I had to shave it.


Nella said...

Oh Noes! But how can Barbarossa BE Barbarossa without the barba rossa!?!?!

*sheds a tear*

Barbarossa said...

We shall regrow the beard just as Troy was re-...oh.

Thiess said...

As someone who has had facial hair for many years, I promise you that you can in fact wash your beard. It's similar to washing your hair, just you face the shower head instead.

Barbarossa said...

Would you use shampoo? Wet beard smelled even smokier.