Monday, March 26, 2007

Portrait of a Day

I had to wake up early to let the shy, but toothless window washer into my room. I was not so awake.

I tried to buy a reproduction of an old map of Vienna I liked that had been in a display window. It turned out the store only sold very expensive pipes and they had gotten the map as a gift from a client. They didn't seem to appreciate my attempt to buy it.

A homeless woman selling the homeless magazine here in Vienna waved me on and didn't ask me to buy here paper, as if acknowledging that homeless people and students are pretty much the same thing.

I discovered that not only does Vienna have Christmas markets, it also has Easter markets. Substitute Christmas booze with Easter booze and add real bunnies.

The cleaning lady disappeared with my towels right as I came back from the gym and was ready to shower (i.e. was disgusting).

I found the Russian specialty store here in Vienna. They had the Russian vodka I wanted to buy as a present. The woman at the counter wouldn't speak with me in Russian after I greeted her in German.

I saw an piece of Austrian modern theater with a long monologue read by an Asian woman with a strong accent in an evening gown about eating another woman.

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