Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Georgia is being a jerk

I am lazy and as such I am not fixing the post bellow which went all whack one me when I posted it. Also I am mad at Georgia. No not the state, though it is in the south so I may be mad at it too, but the country. Mainly because I have been writing about it for three days now and I came to the point where I need to neatly summarize its constitutional changes and I have found three different sources telling me three different things. I don't want to have to go through the Georgian constitution (if I can find it) and figure it out for myself. I feel like whatever I write will end up not being true so I might as well make it up. I would like making up the Georgian constitution. I would rename the capital Atlanta or something, make English with a southern drawl the official language (it would attract call centers!), and forbid people from Georgia from clarifying while abroad that they were not from the state of Georgia [ironic note: I know a Georgian-American exchange program, almost all of the Georgians were sent to Georgia, you guess which one. That is cruel. It is something I would do]. That is all.

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